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Comic for Monday , September 11 , 2006


Well, it was fun, but I'm done. School hit in a tsunami of un-fun, so I was already not having time to draw new comics, and it just wasn't fun anymore. I'm working on something else; I will have another comic sometime, that is, I'm not out of the webcomicking world for good, but it will be a while. Unlike Halo Party, which was a "Oh, I can make a webcomic! *makes*" kind of thing, I'm going to try to plan my next comic out... to develop the world, and find an art style that both looks good and is easy (and thus fast and fun) to do. I'll put a link here when I've got the new thing up, but it won't be for a while. Thanks for reading, everyone.

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5/14/06 - I'm sorry it's been so long without a comic... I kind of stopped doing anything but school as end-of-year tests, PLUS six Advanced Placement tests, the ACT plus writing, AND two SAT IIs rolled around. That's all done, summer is ahead of me, so I shall be updating regularly again.

2/19/06 - Thank you to all who've clicked the ComiCatalog button! If you enjoy Halo Party, please, click it daily. Thank you.

2/7/06 - Two things. First, Halo Party got a review on Korsil.net. Not glowing, but accurate, methinks. Second, a cool new thing in the webcomics world, Comic Catatlog, will give out $30/month to 10 comics picked at random from their pool.

Now, as this place is new but rapidly soaring in popularity, I thought I'd go ahead and join up on their ranking list. That and DUDE FREE MONEY!

So, if you click this:
It'll give me a vote in their toplist (which ranks by votes) and hopefully bring more people. Thanks ^_^.

2/1/06 - January was the best month so far in terms of visits, hits, and pageviews... So I've decided to plug my online store here. Why? 'cause I want money, and 'cause it's got some cool stuff. It's got its own little ad-banner rotating under the calendar... hopefully that's not too distracting when combined with the newsbox. If it is, drop a message in the tagboard and I'll de-animate the store banners.

Many thanks to all who visited last month.

1/3/06 - Halo Party is "Painfully Bad," according to the Penny-Arcade Forums. They even compared me to Ctrl+Alt+Del (albeit unfavorably). But hey, they visited and linked me, so I'm not complaining. Even posted two of my strips on the Penny-Arcade forums. At least I'm noteworthy for something. They are right about one thing, at least: My most recent strip is remarkably shoddier than the rest. I blame this on apathy.

11/21/05 - I'm in New Mexico this week (Thanksgiving) on a quest family vacation to the Grand Canyon. It's going to be cold. But the comic will run uninterrupted. ^_^

10/17/05 - Well, I'm feeling nostalgia for the un-shaded strips... In part due to the extra work added by doing the shading... Still, I like the way the unshaded ones looked and might use that as an excuse to go back to unshaded strips.

If you're reading this and have a preference, let me know in the tagboard.

9/19/05 - Arr! That be right, me hearties, today be "Talk like a Pirate day!" So let's hear some piratespeak, ya bilge rats! Git some piratey goodness in that thar tagboard, or I'll shiver your timbers, arr.

8/8/05 - (4:18 central time) ARGH! I FORGOT TO UPLOAD TODAY'S COMIC! I AM SO SORRY! It will be up soon.

7/24/05 - I got a new inking pen... one that I won't have to scribble with to make write. More details in tomorrow's comic.

In (un)related news, keenspace is now "comic genesis," so you can now find Halo Party at www.haloparty.comicgenesis.com. In about a year, the .keenspace domain name will die, and haloparty.keenspace.com will get you that "page cannot be displayed" thingy.

6/13/05 - Thus concludes the two-week run with thrice-a-week updates -- back to updating on mondays. However, Wednesday and Friday of this week will see two ideas for the "cover" of the next chapter; I'm still not sure what style I'll be doing it in... Might get a third variant on sunday, as well.

6/11/05 - Added the Keenspace NewsHACK-BOX thing. Also made a Halo Party newsbox banner.

5/25/05 - Removed the TagBoard. It made popups, which annoy readers, and I <3 readers and don't want them to be annoyed.

3/16/05 - Added a tagboard! w00t!

3/2/05 - Site's up and running. We await monday to see if it updates by itself. In the meantime... enjoy a piece of... dare I call it "cover art"? Cover of what, though? Eh, well, whatever it is.

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